Windows 7 HDD Icon Fix

Windows 7 HDD Icon Fix
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Title: Windows 7 HDD Icon Fix
Author: FlameWarrior1080
Download: deviantART

Hi all, today I am going to share this small pack with you. It is actually a Hard Disk Icon with a Windows flag symbolizing the drive where the main Windows is installed in.

Since the introduction of Windows Vista, this icon is used to show the Windows HDD but they forgot to update it in Windows 7, making a disturbing Vista reminder. With this pack, it will change it forever.

This icon is the same with the original version but with the Harmony flag, symbolizing Windows 7. It is only works for Windows 7.

You can use either TuneUp Styler or replace imageres.dll with a patched one.

V2 will be out soon with the Windows 7 Style blue on the place where the flag is.

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