CleanX7 1.0 for Windows 7

CleanX7 1.0 for Windows 7
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Description : , , Skins, Visual , Apple Mac Leopard

Title: CleanX7 1.0
Author: sergiogarcia9
Download: deviantart

CleanX7 1.0 by SG Designs

This is version 1.0, this theme will be updated from time to time with new versions

About the theme:
CleanX7 is built on the original aero.msstyles, and does still use some images from the default aero theme. The goal with this theme is to make Windows 7 look better than default, but not to look too different. If you want a simple and clean , this is a good choice.

Download includes:

* CleanX7 Theme

* CleanX7 Multi Shellstyle

* 5 Custom Wallpapers made by myself

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Copyright 2010 by SG Designs/sergiogarcia9

I do NOT allow any modifications of my work, or use of my images.

Writen by Piotr
Peter live in Warsaw, capital of Poland. He is really into Web 2.0, startups and social bookmarking services. In his professional career, he work as a IT specialist.

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