Celestica for Win7

Celestica for Win7
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Title: Celestica for Windows7
Author: sergiogarcia9
Download: deviantART

Theme Information:
Here it is. The final release of my new theme Celestica.
I hope that you will enjoy this theme as much as i did creating it
The theme is based on *emey87’s concept and comes in 4 versions: 2 different taskbar versions (One for for each taskbar)
This theme also uses the theme resource which is created to make your life easier. It simply enables use of system file images without having to replace your own system files. Download here (x64 and x86) [link]

As it only works for some system files i have had to include the timedate.cpl as a normal system file. Only x64 available at the moment for that, so please if anyone can provide me with the x86 clean default timedate.cpl that would be great

Download Includes:
Celestica Visual Styles (4 total)
explorerframe.dll and shell32.dll (only available through Theme resource changer, read more above)
Timedate.cpl (x64)
Instructions on how to install the theme

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