Caesar port by Aaron A

Caesar port by Aaron A
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Description : , , Skins, Visual , Apple Mac Leopard

Title: Caesar port by Aaron A
Author: Aaron-A-Arts
Download: deviantart

x64 files courtesy of ~dlind87
x86 are included in download
you need to use the hide blur tool and gdi++ for smooth fonts

this one has a ton of small fixes and changes. i’ve addressed basically everything you’ve all asked about. some things can’t be fixed but most things are fixed.
Included Bottom taskbar version

next update will have
taskbar color variations + alternative font scheme

this is the quick update not the sp2-ish overhaul that is coming, i promise you.
in this update i’ve fixed the most obvious issues to make the theme a little more usable until i’ve had time to fix everything. still only one taskbar color scheme. can’t make the others until its all perfect.
taskbar group buttons
taskbar hover popup
taskbar tray open button
taskbar tray item hover
taskbar clock hover
items view/list view (in explorer)
aero peek frames
Also fixed a few content margins and other little things. hopefully the ff toolbars will work now.

Credit to the original author

thanks for sharing this amazing skin good sir.
and Credit to
for giving me a lot of resources to help make this possible.
seriously thanks fellas. ya made my job much easier.

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