Caesar mod by dpcdpc11

Caesar mod by dpcdpc11
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Description : , , Skins, Visual , Apple Mac Leopard

Title: by dpcdpc11
Author: dpcdpc11
Download: deviantart

It’s finally here!!! My mod of Caesar theme made originally by Roberto Urso and ported on windows by Aaron-A-Arts.

For me this is the perfect Mac Theme for Windows 7 and I wanted to make it even more perfect so I’ve modded it big time, some of the mods are subtle and others more obvious. I’ve also fixed some elements because AaronA didn’t actually finish the theme.

I mainly modded this theme for my own use but had several request and I’ve decided to release, so maybe other will also like and use it.

What’s in the package:
Theme: Caesar mod by dpcdpc11
Resources: ExplorerFrame (x86&x64) | Fonts | Start Orbs ([link]) | Wallpaper ([link])
Tools: Windows 7 Aero Blur Tweaker | Windows 7 Start Button Changer

Known bugs:
– I’ve broke the address bar in Windows Explorer because I wanted to make the drop down menu look perfect in other apps but since I don’t use Explorer it’s not a big lose for me
– also the address bar in IE is black and since I don’t use this I didn’t fix it, even though I’ve tried to
– one strange bug I couldn’t fix and maybe you can help me out here is the autoscroll icon in Firefox. For some strange reason something in this theme breaks it and I have no idea what… here’s a screen shot: [link]
– if you find other bugs please let me know and I’ll do my best to fix them!

Here are some brief instructions which I think you may all know by now:

1. Install the theme?
Copy the content of Theme folder in “C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\” (Asuming that you’re Windows 7 is installed on partition C)

2. Change the start orb?
Use Windows 7 Start Button Changer from the “Tools” folder to change the start orb.
Launch Windows 7 Start Button Changer and choose one of the 3 BMPs from the “Resources/Start Orbs” folder and you’re done!

3. Change the ExplorerFrame?
Take ownership of ExplorerFrame.dll, make a backup of the original file and copy the one in “Resources\ExplorerFrame\” according to your OS (x86 or x64)

4. Remove the blured edges of the windows?
Use Windows 7 Aero Blur Tweaker from the “Tools” folder to remove the windows blur.

Thanks for downloading!!!

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