Base Theme for Win7

Base Theme for Win7
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Description : Windows7 Themes

Transparent Taskbar and Start menu version addded. Hope you enjoy!

Minimal, Functional, Usable. For awhile now I wanted to design something I’d get some long term use out of. I’m not a huge fan of the start button but there’s lots here to suit your preferences…


– 2
– 3 font choices each. (Segoe UI, Calibri, Droid Sans)
If you want smaller or to change the font for a theme follow these instructions from the WSB forums…
“Step 1: Open the theme you want to change in a resource hacker. (I use Restorator 2007.)
Step 2: Navigate to the string resource and expand.
Step 3: Drag/drop (or export) “Neutral” into Explorer.
Step 4: Open Neutral.rc in a text editor.
Step 5: Replace all instances of Font size with your preferred size.
Step 6: Save Neutral.rc
Step 7: Drag/Drop (or import) the new Neutral.rc from Explorer back into your resource hacker.
Step 8: Save the theme.
Step 9: Apply!”
– Large taskbar & Small taskbar sizes
– Start Orb
– explorerframe.dll & shell32.dl x86 & x64

Title: Base
Author: neiio
Download: deviantart

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