Astral – Windows 7 Theme

Astral – Windows 7 Theme
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Description : Windows 7 Themes, , Skins, Visual , Apple Mac Leopard

Title: Astral
Author: Tacony
Download: deviantART

Astral v 1.0

v 1.0

x86 and x64 system files included

Aero and Basic fully skinned

96 dpi only

Three explorer styles

Astral is the default theme with an address bar and details pane

Astral Small is a theme with an address bar but without a folderband

Astral Minimal is a theme without an address bar and folderband for people who like a minimalistic explorer look

Two Shell32.dll included

Details pane bottom or default position

Detail pane on the top

Make sure you know which one you want to use before you install the Shell32.dll files.


This is my first ever Visual Style. I wanted a dark but not overly dark theme. This theme has three different shellstyles for the explorer style of your taste. I want to thank ~mx-steel for allowing me to use his wallpaper for my theme. I also want to thank *neiio because I used his x86 files as I use a 64-bit operating system. I also peeked at his GAIA09 theme to learn how to skin and manipulate some images in Windows 7. I hope everyone enjoys the theme.

Sorry my preview isn’t very impressive. I only spent about 2 hours putting it together. If someone wants to make a better one I’d appreciate it lol.

This took me roughly 3-4 weeks to fully complete this theme. As I noted up top this is a v 1.0 as I know there are bound to be some problems with the theme. So if you spot problems with the theme please let me know. Also please tell me how you got the problem so I can hunt it down easier. I went over everything I could but there is bound to be stuff I missed when I tried to find bugs. Thanks.

I am NOT responsible for any problems you receive for a botched install or the misuse of these files. Install at your own risk.

Special thanks to: mx-steel ; neiio

Writen by Piotr
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