APPOWS2010 – Seven Theme

APPOWS2010 – Seven Theme
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Description : Windows 7 Themes, , Skins, Visual , Apple Mac Leopard

Title: APPOWS2010
Author: neiio
Download: deviantART

Well about time!
Choose your flavor. A tonne of work went into this to provide options for you to play with. Hopefully you’ll find something to suit your own particular tastes and needs (be sure to check out the mod pack). Geared towards functional, minimal, and less default aero looking.
Shoutouts to the lads @ pf for their support in seeing this through.

Wallpaper Packs – by Novoo, by requestedRerun

Writen by Piotr
Peter live in Warsaw, capital of Poland. He is really into Web 2.0, startups and social bookmarking services. In his professional career, he work as a IT specialist.

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