APPOLON THEMES for windows 7

APPOLON THEMES for windows 7
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Description : Windows 7 Themes, , Skins, Visual , Mac Leopard

Title: APPOLON THEMES for windows 7
Author: ZEUSosX
Download: deviantART

APPOLON THEMES are style themes for windows 7.

They have 24 pixel height taskbar.
That means that everytime you log in to your system, taskbar not becomes bigger[like happened to 22pixels smaller in original osx style dimentions, themes i made on past]

Also i have added a folder with special made folders that can be pin to taskbar, also there are foldrers invisible which can give free space in taskbar and also other folders which are looking like vertical separators, so for using the big size taskbar at the bottom of desktop as a dock replacement, as many of u ask me those 2 things.
[24 pixel small taskbar at top of desktop + big size dock style when we set it at the bottom of desktop].

IN ancient and in nowdays Hellenic (=Greek) [Active CODE] language, every letter, and every word is a specific number, and it has a specific meaning.

In Greek and Roman mythology, Apollo [link] (in Greek, Ἀπόλλων—Apóllōn or Ἀπέλλων—Apellōn), is one of the most important and diverse of the Olympian deities. The ideal of the kouros (a beardless youth), Apollo has been variously recognized as a god of light and the sun; truth and prophecy; archery; medicine, healing and plague; music, poetry, and the arts; and more. Apollo is the son of Zeus and Leto, and has a twin sister, the chaste huntress Artemis.
So the name of the THEME choosen from Hellenic = GREEK language and civilization.

Special thanks to Panda X , DM-moinmoin , Patrickgs , and and Yoni (Rafael Rodriguez) .

All features referenced in my work are subject to change.

I do not allow modifications of my work.

Thank you All of you, for your support.

Made in H E L L A S (= Greece ).

Inspired by Appolon.

Writen by Piotr
Peter live in Warsaw, capital of Poland. He is really into Web 2.0, startups and social bookmarking services. In his professional career, he work as a IT specialist.

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    check out the new Vienna theme, amazing and unique stuff, looking great

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