AeroVG Se7en for Windows 7

AeroVG Se7en for Windows 7
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Description : Windows 7 Themes, , Skins, Visual , Apple Mac Leopard

Title: AeroVG Se7en for Windows 7
Author: Vishal-Gupta
Download: deviantART

*** For Windows 7 Only ***

AeroVG Se7en” theme is a Windows 7 port of my previous “AeroVG” theme [link] for Windows Vista users which is one of the most popular themes available for Windows Vista.

“AeroVG Se7en” theme provides excellent transparency in Taskbar, Startmenu, Explorer, etc. It also changes lots of visual things like menubar, progressbar and much more. In short it provides maximum transparency and glass effect in Windows 7.

Features List:

More Transparent Start Menu and Taskbar

Transparent Addressbar and Searchbar in Explorer

New Menubar & Statusbar

Cool Blue Progressbar and HDD Bar

Glow Effect in Explorer Addressbar and Searchbar

Glow Effect in Start Menu

Glow Effect in Taskbar Buttons

Glow Effect in System Tray

More Info – [link]

How To Use – [link]

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