Aero Pure Theme 0.2

Aero Pure Theme 0.2
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Description : Windows7 Themes

notes: it’s mod from velix94’s windows 8 aero 1.2 theme, and thanks to his great work!
not easy to finish this theme without any programing knowledge…but finally i made it

* pure, simple, clear, no need to mod explorer.exe and other OS files, easy to use, just copy
* remove the banner img on top of the library folder
* remove blue borders around the right-click menu
* fix taskbar issues ( right-click on apps pinned to the taskbar never turn black)
* restore some system graphics to Win7 default look ( like progress bar, etc. )
* find it youself enjoy!

* feel free to mod it, it’s copyright-free, and leave comment about issues

Title: Aero Pure Theme 0.2, eradezign
Author: eradezign
Download: deviantart

Writen by Piotr
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