Adagio theme – Windows 7

Adagio theme – Windows 7
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Title: Adagio theme – Windows 7
Author: RajTheeban95
Download: deviantart

Here is my new theme, Adagio, a for Windows 7. Aero and Basic interface support, x32 and x64 fully compatible, with, in exclusivity, the introduction of the “info extended” for explorer.
Please read carefully all the comment if you have any question.


I) Presentation
A) Description
B) Info Extended for explorer
C) Limitations known

II) Installation
A) Requirements
B) Complete installation of the theme
C) Advices on use

III) Notes
A) Dedications
B) Copyright
C) F.A.Q

More information here: Adagio theme – Windows 7

Writen by Piotr
Peter live in Warsaw, capital of Poland. He is really into Web 2.0, startups and social bookmarking services. In his professional career, he work as a IT specialist.

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  • CoXisNo Gravatar says:

    can you show me some screenshot with error, it looks ok with my O

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