7zip theme for Windows 7

7zip theme for Windows 7
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Description : Windows 7 Themes,

Title: 7zip for Windows 7
Author: laushung
Download: deviantART

7zip for Windows 7 – Take 2!

Building on the fantastic library SevenZipSharp by Markhor and utilizing the excellent zip program 7zip, I introduce 7zip for Windows 7.

Now 7zip can run beside programs like Windows Live Mail and Windows Explorer and look like a native application.

While this is still a working beta, it should be usable for your daily needs. Some features are not finished and some are still in testing but it’ll zip / unzip your files just fine.

Writen by Piotr
Peter live in Warsaw, capital of Poland. He is really into Web 2.0, startups and social bookmarking services. In his professional career, he work as a IT specialist.

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